Teida Shehi

Teida Shehi is a professional environmental engineer, both by education and experience. Over the eight years she has engaged in donor funded projects, focusing on coordinating environmental projects, especially in Municipal Waste Management in collaborations with the local governance units (Introducing and implementing EMAS Methodology – Implemented in the Cleaning Enterprise in Fieri Municipality); in energy efficiency projects (energetic calculations, training materials, etc); in strategic environmental assessment of regulatory plans; research work with various local governance units and drafting several waste management plans, assisting and conducted training sessions with LGUs on waste management issues and coordinating environmental regional projects on environmental acquis approximation and implementation process. Experience on project acquisition and several experiences on IPA cross border project proposal application compilation. Her professional competence in preparation of databases, data collection, data processing through SPSS, and documentation of all stages of the projects, has been consistently proven in a number of projects. Miss Shehi’s specialties include excellent drafting and writing skills, which have been clearly showcased in a number of publications. She has been teaching environmental subjects in a private University fro more than 5 years, as Climatology, Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Planning. Lately she has been engaged in several training session with environmental inspectors regarding environmental permits drafting and implementation. Also she is focused on managing social media pages on environmental issues, as “S.O.S Mjedisi pa Sakrifica”.