The SWFM-QF project partners have been working to complete one of the key deliverables of the project; the solid waste facilities manager’s qualification framework and associated info-training toolkit. It is a process that has taken many months, and now the draft version of the final product is available on the project website (www.swfm-qf.eu) to those who have been registered and are logged in.The final version of the materials will be uploaded after the evaluation process has been completed, and all necessary changes implemented. The materials are also available on the project website, in a number of different languages (Greek, German, Polish, Italian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and English).

Info-Training Toolkit

One of the aims of SWFM-QF project was the creation of the Info-Training Toolkit (ITT) containing requirements and curriculum for the vocational training of Solid Waste Facilities’ Managers.
Now all developed training material and references are uploaded on the project’s IT platform. As part of the ITT, a multinational glossary of the relative technical terms was prepared and made available in all project’s languages on the project’s website.
Based on the different qualification modules (EQF level 6) developed during the project, the curriculum for the vocational training is depicted in detail. It consists of several major units corresponding to qualification modules. It contains a course concept and structure for each qualification module and requirements for trainers’, trainees’ and training facilities and infrastructures.
The major training units have been developed for seven technical qualifications corresponding to the management of different solid waste facilities: anaerobic digestion, MBT, composting, landfilling, recycling, thermal treatment and sorting.
Major training units were also developed for six common qualifications:

  1. Environmental which provides updated knowledge of pollution control equipment and environmental management systems and tools
  2. Financial and contractual aiming at enhancing managers’ comprehension of the financial and contractual aspects of operations on the SWM facility
  3. Health and safety providing managers with the knowledge and skills of critical aspects of personnel’s occupational H&S issues and with necessary qualifications for ensuring the safe operation of solid waste facilities
  4. Human resources providing facilities’ managers with the necessary qualifications for personnel management
  5. New projects considering the basics and the practical issues for the management of a new project such as the strategic planning and implementation of a new business plan
  6. Operational which aims at developing the skills and competences required for the management of core operations on SWM facilities

To access the ITT it is necessary to register on the project website: www.swfm-qf.eu. Registration is quick and easy, and you will have full access to all the materials developed over the course the project.


Completion of the Harmonised Qualifications Framework
SWFM-QF partners have concluded the development of the Harmonised Qualifications Framework (HQF) addressed to Solid Waste Management Facilities’ Managers. The developed qualifications framework is a result of the experience and long term research of SWFM-QF partners after conducting comparison studies and making direct contact with the staff of operating solid waste facilities in 8 European countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and UK). The methodology used to compile the qualifications framework was based on the methodology implemented for the development of a Professional Profile. A Professional profile is defined as the overall professional functions, activities and tasks that make up the working role of a profession or a specialty and the relevant knowledge, skills and competences (abilities) required by a professional, corresponding to these functions. The identified main professional functions, professional activities and tasks that a solid waste manager has to fulfill during the operation of a solid waste management facility, include:

  • Solid Waste Facility Operational Management,
  • Human Resources Management,
  • Financial and Contractual Management,
  • Environmental Aspects Management,
  • Health and Safety Issues Management
  • New Projects Management

For the technical operations and activities performed within a solid waste facility, separate qualifications modules were developed. Those qualifications modules include operations which are carried out in the following different solid waste management facilities:

  • Transfer and Waste Sorting stations,
  • Sanitary Landfills,
  • Incineration Plants,
  • Anaerobic Digestion Plants,
  • Mechanical Treatment Plants,
  • Recycling Facilities,
  • Composting Facilities

The developed, proposed qualifications are defined using learning outcomes, since learning outcomes are considered the criterions for the certification and performance-value reflected in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), the common frame of reference levels of qualifications in the EU. Learning outcomes are further analysed in knowledge skills and competences descriptors. The designated knowledge skills and competences descriptors correspond to EQF level 6 and higher (for professionals showing advanced and highly specialized knowledge, skills and management of complex technical or professional activities – managers’ level).

All developed qualifications modules can be easily accessed via the SWFM-QF website, under the “Qualifications Frame” menu.


Evaluation process

Over the past 6 months, project team has been working hard to develop a qualification framework for solid waste (non-hazardous) managers within the EU. A suite of qualifications have been developed, composed of “common qualifications” and “technical qualifications”.

“Technical qualifications” are linked to the type of waste plant: landfill, anaerobic digestion, mechanical and biological treatment, composting, thermal treatment, waste sorting facilities.
Along with the qualifications, project partners have also provided a course curriculum and suggested training materials (Info-Training Toolkit). The frameworks of these qualifications, and associated Info-Training Toolkit can be found on project website: www.swfm-qf.eu

Everyone interested in expressing their own opinion about the developed material contributed to the final version of the qualification, by fulfilling a short, interactive questionnaire, available in national languages. (Link: http://www.swfm-qf.eu/main/?page_id=8398&lang=en).
Internal evaluators could choose their own national language using the drop-down menu available on the right of the webpage.

If you wish to view the material, it is necessary to register yourself on the website, and then log in to access the materials.

The evaluation started at the end of June and it will be finished at end of August. The results collected during this phase will be used to develop the final version of the qualifications.
Final Conference

The Final Conference will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece on the 10th of October 2014.

During the Final Conference the results of SWFM-QF project will be analytically presented, along with other issues relating to solid waste management and vocational training, to interested stakeholders, end users and the public

For more detailed information please visit the dedicated website:


Please note that there is no registration fee required for participating the conference.


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