Technical Assistance for Healthcare Waste Management

Client: Grontmij CarlBro

Dates: 2007-2009

Overall Objective

  • The overall objective of this project is to develop an effective and efficient system for the collection, storage, treatment and disposal of medical waste in accordance with Serbian requirements and EU directives.


The specific objectives are:

  1. Support to the Ministry of Health and Directorate for Environmental Protection to harmonize medical waste management regulation with the EU legislation
  2. Draft a comprehensive management strategy for collection and treatment of medical waste in accordance with the requirements of legislation and the relevant EU- directives
  3. Support the health facilities in the preparation of their waste management plans including collection and storing of medical wastes plan for health facilities
  4. Support the effective and efficient implementation of the waste disposal equipment (such as autoclaves and shredding machines) within the hospital, through capacity building measures
  5. Support an information and awareness programme for the professional community, on the health, safety, and environmental issues relating to medical waste

Results to be achieved by the Consultant

  1. Legal framework governing medical waste management, updated and harmonized with EU legislative framework where applicable
  2. National plan defined for medical waste management in accordance with the National Waste Management Strategy, new draft Law on Waste Management, and draft National Environmental Strategy in accordance with EU directives and legislation
  3. Efficient and effective implementation waste management including separate collection, storage, transport, treatment and disposal of medical waste (waste management)
  4. Successful awareness campaign organized and implemented on medical waste management for medical/pharmaceutical/non-medical staff and the Ministry of Health
  5. Knowledge, skills and capacities transferred to relevant staff in the Ministry of Health and hospital staff trained for medical waste management
  6. Hospital and other clinical waste management in compliance with the EU standards.

Assessment of Animal Bi-Products Management Capability in Serbia

Client: Department of Trade & Industry

Dates: 2003

Assessment of the facilities and infrastructure associated with the management of animal carcass waste in Serbia.

Site visits and assessments of key abattoirs and rendering plants across Serbia.

Provision of assessment report to beneficiary with key findings and suggestions regarding future investment in the sector