Scott Crossett


Head of Centre

Scott Crossett graduated with a B.Sc. in Biology from Paisley University, then Paisley College of Technology, in 1982. He joined Strathclyde Police and became a Detective Constable stationed at the old Partick Marine Police Station in Glasgow. He resigned from the police in 1990 to take over his father’s poultry farming business.

Whilst running his father’s business he went back to college to undertake a post graduate diploma in environmental monitoring and assessment at Bell College in Hamilton. On his father’s retirement he sold the poultry business and took up an auditors post at MIMTEC/IBM where he quickly became involved in the environmental auditing process.

He decided to set up a small consultancy practice in Largs with his wife Kathleen. They jointly managed the venture successfully as a limited company, Cygnus Environmental Limited. He spent time working with local businesses in Ayrshire and was then asked to take up a two year contract with the Scottish Environmental Industries Association as their Development Manager.

The post was a rewarding one and as a consequence of his work there he was asked to join a small family run demolition company, Dalkeith Demolition Limited. There he established a trading division of the company to be known as the International Waste Management Group and again he and his wife Kathleen managed the satellite entity from offices in Largs, North Ayrshire.

Scott was almost immediately contracted to the UK Governments’ Department for International Development (DFID) in Kosovo where he provided them with much needed waste management expertise in their task of rebuilding Kosovo following the Balkan conflict. Scott was based in the UK military zone on the border with Serbia and was involved in a plethora of projects aimed at improving the waste management and environment situation within the region.

As a consequence of his work in Kosovo Scott was asked by then Trade Minister Richard Caborn from the UK Governments’ Trade and Industry Department if he would take up the role of head of the Environment Group on the UK Governments Taskforce to the Balkans, chaired by Sir Nigel Thomson, following on from the Balkan Conflict. The taskforce was largely focused on assessing the post conflict situation in Serbia in preparation for a comprehensive EU rebuilding programme.

Scott came back to the UK on completion of the Taskforce work and left International Waste Management Group in order that he and Kathleen could establish their own company SC Waste Management Limited.

This small family run business has been involved in many waste management projects in the UK and around the world.

Scott received an MBE from the Queen in recognition of the work he had carried out in the Balkans. He was additionally made a Member of the Chartered Institution for Waste Management and a member of the Society for the Environment.

Much of the work in the waste management industry in the UK was based on the UK Operator Competence scheme for waste managers operated in Scotland jointly by the Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board (WAMITAB) and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).
In this regard Scott worked as an associate of the North of Scotland WAMITAB/SQA Centre then managed jointly by Douglas Miller and David Stephen. David sadly left his post due to ill health and passed away shortly thereafter. Scott became more involved with the Centre and in time he and Douglas agreed that Scott and Kathleen along with their daughter Julie, who had graduated with a Master’s degree in the Waste and the Environment from West of Scotland University, would take over the running of the Centre as the focus was moving away from the UK marketplace and looking at opportunities internationally in collaboration with the SQA and WAMITAB.

To this point the Centre had been run firstly as a partnership between David and Douglas and then when David left it became a sole trading entity.

In 2010 Scott became Head of Centre and Julie the SQA Co-ordinator with Kathleen taking on the role of Business Development Manager. Douglas continued to provide services to the Centre as an associate and continued to work with his group of candidates in the North East. The Centre became a limited company and registered for VAT.

It was now known as Trust Waste Management Limited and continued to provide vocational training in both the UK and Internationally. Douglas sadly suffered from ill health in later life and he passed away in 2013.

Although 2010 was the administrative turning point for the Centre and its new corporate identity, the death of Douglas really did mark the end of an era so to speak and the beginning of a new chapter for the Centre.

Scott, Kathleen and Julie decided to merge SCWML and TWML into the one corporate body. TWML in effect purchased SCWML and TWML then changed its name to the International Centre for the Environment, Resource Management & Sustainability Limited (ICERMS). This new corporate entity better reflected the business activities of both former companies and ensured a streamlining of company administration as far as HMRC and Companies House were concerned. The name change and merger took place formally at the start of 2014 to 2015 tax year.

Scott was appointed a Director and Head of Centre at ICERMS with Kathleen and Julie appointed as Managing Director and Director respectively.

He holds 5 Certificates of Technical Competence in various waste management processes.

In his spare time he is a keen Scottish historian and he was appointed as a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries for Scotland as a result of his interest and contribution to matters of Scottish history.
He is a natural history enthusiast and enjoys scuba diving and wildlife photography and filming. He endeavours to keep fit by hill walking, cycling, swimming and tennis.

His waistline often dictates that these latter activities are not happening often enough for the current level of food consumption.