Regulatory Enforcement

ICERMS have now worked on two consecutive technical assistance project to the Ministry of Environment in Albania. In each case the focus for ICERMS was Environmental Regulation Enforcement and Permitting. This entailed working closely with the National and Regional Environment Agencies and the State Environmental Inspectorate.

This has been an extensive 4 year programme of activities which has focused on the quality of the environmental permits and bringing them into line with the standard of permit associated with both Industrial Emissions Directive and Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control legislation.

The programme involved developing new permits and delivering training to existing enforcement agencies in order to better manage permitted installation inspections.

ICERMS designed and delivered a bespoke vocational training programme for Permit Writers and Environmental Inspectors based on the standards or permit and inspection laid down by the European Union legislation and best practice.

This overall process involved training over 100 State Environment Inspectors and a small permit writing team at the National Environment Agency. The training was conducted as a mix of theory and practice and practical exercises and field visits were conducted at permitted installations and in small inspection teams.