EU-HCWM Winter Newsletter

Welcome to the winter edition of the Hospital Environment and Waste Manager newsletter. This marks the end of the project, in terms of the agreed project activities and outputs within the three year project cycle. The good news is that the project outputs have been finalised and we are now currently working on establishing mechanisms […]

EUHCWM Final Conference

The EUHCWM Final Conference was held in the Royal Angus Hotel in Birmingham on the 13th of November. It concluded the end of the project and summarised it’s efforts in ‘Developing an EU Standardised Approach to Vocational Educational Training Awards in Healthcare Waste Management’. The speakers included: Aditi Ramola, Dave Tucker, Eduart Cani, Grigorios Sarafianos, […]

IGEC Annual Conference – Tirana

The end of this year was marked, as far as our work with the OSCE in Albania was concerned, by the annual conference of the Inter-Governmental Group on Environment Crime in Albania at the Tirana International Hotel on 1st December. It has been a great year for the IGEC in terms of capacity building and […]

ICERMS Wins Partnership in EcoMentor Project. Kick Off Meeting in Warsaw

ICERMS have won a partnership on the EcoMentor Project. The project is a follow up from the previous Certi-Mentu project. The project looks to create a certification system for mentors in the eco-industry. The project will last 2 year and is split into six different Intellectual Outputs (IO) these are: IO1 – Standard of professional […]

EUHCWM Final Partners Meeting in Birmingham

The final partners meeting was held in Birmingham at the Royal Angus Hotel. The partner meeting was split over 2 days with the final conference sandwiched in the middle. The partners were nearly all present for the three days of meeting and events with apologies received from REC Slovenia.   →

ICERMS sponsor local cycling club as they compete in France

ICERMS sponsored the Fairlie Cycling Club (F.C.C) as they cycled through France and then competed in the Le Mans 24 Heure Velo. The race required the team to cycle round the Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans from 3pm to 3pm the following day on the 12th of August.   →

EUHCWM Final Conference Press Release

The European Union Health Care Waste Management (EUHCWM) project will present a final conference, held in the Royal Angus Hotel in Birmingham on the 10th of November 2016. The conference will be used as an opportunity to promote the projects final outputs, which have been developed over the project’s three year lifespan. The aim of […]

ICERMS to assist in construction of new prison in Chisnau, Moldova

Authorities decided to build a new institution for inmates in penitentiary no.13. To this end, in 2011 the Government initiated negotiations with the Council of Europe Development Bank to identify funding. A Framework Loan Agreement for the construction of a new prison was signed 2 years later. “We have a loan of 32 million; we […]

ICERMS to participate on PAZA II project in Albania – June to December 2016

PAZA-Project is working with the key stakeholders in the Veterinary and Food Safety Sector. The project provides technical support on veterinary and animal health issues to the State Veterinary Service – including its I&R and epidemiology units and the regional and district veterinary services and all private veterinarians working in the ¬field.  PAZA-Project also addresses […]