ICERMS to assist in construction of new prison in Chisnau, Moldova

Authorities decided to build a new institution for inmates in penitentiary no.13. To this end, in 2011 the Government initiated negotiations with the Council of Europe Development Bank to identify funding. A Framework Loan Agreement for the construction of a new prison was signed 2 years later.

“We have a loan of 32 million; we have a grant for technical assistance worth one million euros and the government’s contribution amounting to 10 percent, which is 4.5 million euros. The total project value is 44.5 million euros”, said Valeriu Josan, Chief of the Division of Human Resources within the Department of Penitentiary institutions.

The prison will have the status of criminal investigation isolator and a capacity of 1,600 inmates. The new penitentiary will be built in village Bubuieci, located at 8 km distance from Chisinau.

For a year, the construction of the new prison will be monitored by an international expert who is already in the Republic of Moldova.

CGL of the United States of America were appointed as the technical experts to work with the Moldovan Project implementation unit.

“The designing company will be selected in the first semester of 2016, we will monitor the process and then we will identify the company that will build the new prison. We propose that this prison is a model for all institutions of this kind in Moldova”, says Ivan Stefanovic, expert at a technical assistance company.

In the above regard ICERMS was appointed as a sub-contractor to CGL to provide environmental impact assessment and environmental management expertise in the construction and operational phases of the new Chisnau prison construction project.