Kathleen Crossett

Kathleen originally came from the healthcare sector where she spent many years working as a nursery nurse. She left her career to start a family and had two children Julie and Scott. She took the opportunity at the time to complete a short course in business administration and became directly involved in business management through establishing her own business in the sports and recreation sector in Lanarkshire in the 1980’s.

She moved into the environment sector as partner in an environmental consultancy business, Cygnus Environmental Limited, which she and her husband Scott established in the early 1990’s. The venture went well and it led to Kathleen being appointed as the business development manager in the newly established International Waste Management Group (IWMG) which operated from an office in Largs and was a division of Dalkeith Demolition Limited.

She continued with IWMG until August 2002 when she and Scott left the company to established SC Waste Management Limited (SCWML) firstly as a partnership in 2002 and then as a limited company in January 2003.

She has been the business development manager and managing director since its incorporation and she has seen steady growth in the company year on year. Kathleen and Scott were aware that a lot of business at the time was coming from their work with the North of Scotland SQA/WAMITAB Centre with which Scott was an associate assessor/verifier.
On the death of one of the Centre partners Scott became more formally associated with the Centre and in time an opportunity arose for Kathleen and her husband Scott along with their daughter Julie to acquire the Centre in 2010.

Kathleen decided to put the centre on a more formal footing and she set about registering it as a limited company and registering it for VAT etc. with HMRC. The Centre was formally known as Trust Waste Management Limited (TWML) and it operated under this corporate identity for 4 years when Kathleen and the other directors thought that it was time to merge the two companies into one.
As a result TWML acquired SCWML and the former had its name changed to the International Centre for the Environment, Resource Management & Sustainability Limited. This was formally completed at the beginning of the 2014 tax year and Kathleen was appointed Managing Director of the new Centre. She continues to be responsible for the business development aspects and the formal administration of the Centre.