Invasive and Protected Species Management

ICERMS provides advice at strategic and operational level on the management of Invasive Species and also in regard to the management of Protected Species.

Invasive species are a significant problem across the EU and the Centre has been providing advice to companies in the UK who find themselves facing the challenge of dealing with Invasive species on sites they own or are trying to acquire.

The Centre has carried out site surveys for the presence of invasive species and on the associated remediation measures to be taken.

In regard to protected species the Centre has been working with waste management operators, particularly landfill operations, where protected species have been an issue on these sites.

The Centre has given advice on protected species management and has provided clients with management plans and implemented protection measures to ensure the continued operation of the sites whilst managing the legal requirements of the protected species present on the sites.

In an international context the Centre has conducted workshops at a strategic level in Albania highlighting to key stakeholders there the importance of the management of the country’s borders in respect to invasive species and protected species.

The management of invasive and protected species at the country’s borders also formed one of the learning units at the training provided to the Environment Crime Taskforce in Albania.