Indrit Kodra

Indrit graduated from Albania Polytechnic University in 2007 with a BSc Environmental Engineering. He started his career working as a junior expert on EU funded projects in Albania where after 2 years he applied for and was given the post of Environmental Manager at Tirana International Airport. He spent 7 years in that roles being responsible for managing compliance at the airport as well as maintaining the airports environmental management system. During this time he worked extensively with external agencies to ensure good communications and relations with the regulators.

The Environmental Management System and Monitoring was a major part of the environmental management role at the airport and over his 7 years in post he gained extensive experience in water management, wastewater treatment, noise level management, waste management, air quality management, carbon emission management and environmental impact assessment.

Environmental Reporting was also a significant component of the work associated with the role and he was responsible for preparing technical reports; airport annual environment report; documents in the field of environmental protection; EBRD reports and also publishing the airports Environmental and Social Bulletins.

During his time in post at the airport he undertook a significant amount of study in the form of vocational qualifications to expand his knowledge of the subject matter relevant to the job role.

As a result he has achieved the following qualifications:

Scottish Vocational Qualification Level 4 Environmental Management

And the following industry standard certifications:

  • IATA Training and Development Institute ¬†Aviation and the Environment Geneva, Switzerland July 2010
  • Airport Council International Airport Environmental Management-AMAPAP Elective

(professional On-line Certificate May -July 2011)

  • ACI Certificate in Airport Environmental Management
  • ACI Certificate Managing Airport Local Air Quality
  • ACI Certificate in Airport Noise Management and Community Relations
  • ACI Certificate in Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Management
  • ACI Certificate in Airport Resource Management
  • ACI Certificate in Airport Waste Prevention and Management
  • ACI Certificate in Implementing an Environmental Management System HOCHTIEF Airport Training Course on Energy Management in existing buildings for Tirana International Airport Certificate


  • HOCHTIEF Airport Training Course on Energy Savings for Tirana International Airport-Certificate September 2012
  • Certificate dedicated to Environment Impact Assessment submitted by Ministry of Environment July 2013

He left the airport role in 2016 to take up the role of environmental expert on an EU funded project again in Tirana and now works as a freelance environmental consultant.