Gjergji Selfo

Gjergji Selfo has a BSc. Environmental Engineering from the University of Tirana in Albania and a Master’s Degree in Energy Production and Efficiency from the same university.

He has spent 5 years working in Trieste, Italia in Municipal Waste management. He returned to Albania and his home city Tirana in 2005 when he took up a post at an environmental consultancy in Tirana working on data collection for Environmental Impact Assessments and contributing to EIA studies providing data on waste management issues. He continued this until 2009 when he left to take up a new role as local environment expert on a two year EU funded project in Albania focusing on waste management issues.

He provided also provided local waste management expertise on a CEB funded project in Tirana which conducted an EIA of Tirana University Hospital Mother Teresa. In addition he has provided local expertise in relation to the World Health Organisation funded project in Albania providing input for a new national guideline for the safe Management of healthcare waste and delivering training at 7 healthcare facilities across Albania.