Enviromental Consultancy

ICERMS provides a professional environmental consulting service to industry both domestically and internationally.  

This consultancy started out as being centred around corporate compliance in regard to both environmental and waste management legislation. it has now expanded to a much broader range of subject and geographical areas. The experiences from the UK marketplace have led to significant work internationally through various technical assistance programmes.

In the UK however the environmental consulting services to clients still broadly centre around corporate compliance and business development considerations.

Internationally, the technical assistance programmes are largely funded by the international donor community and in this regard the Centre and its predecessors have successfully and productively worked with the European Union; World Bank; European Investment Bank; Council of Europe Investment Bank; United Nations World Health Organisation; United Nation Environment Programme; United Nations Cleaner Production Programme; Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe; Swedish International Development Agency; Danish International Development Agency and our own Department for International Development.

The Centre and the team cannot be experts in every field and therefore there is a focus for the Centre in regard to activities and sub sector areas where experience from the UK marketplace is relevant and can be demonstrated.

The following subject areas have been central to the role of the Centre in technical assistance programmes:

  • Environmental Legislation - Implementation; Compliance and Enforcement
  • Environment Policy or Procedural Assessment
  • Environment Policy, Strategy & Legislation Development
  • Environment Infrastructure Assessment
  • Environmental Risk Assessment and Management
  • Industrial Emission Directive/Pollution Prevention & Control Permits
  • Environmental Compliance Auditing
  • Associated Capacity Building

In the links below you can view some examples of the environmental consulting work completed by the Centre in specific subject areas:

If we can be of assistance in providing you with consulting services we would be pleased to hear from you to discuss your needs. Please contact us to arrange a free introductory consultation meeting.