ECOMENTOR Final Meeting and Closing Conference

On the 22nd and 23rd October 2018 ICERMS attended the final meeting of the ECOMENTOR project and the follow-on Closing Conference both hosted by IOS-PIB in Warsaw.  

It was a chance to finalise the administrative issues associated with the closing of a project and also to address the sustainability plan for the project outputs. It was also good to catch up with partner colleagues and to review the project experiences.

The day after the final project meeting was the project’s closing conference an excellent event which was extremely well attended. The speakers were of the highest quality and the event had a real international flavour to it not just on account of the project partners BUT also there was a group of delegates from Ukraine in the audience.

The speakers were all warmly received and the discussion were extremely interesting and fruitful. It was a fitting end to what was an excellent project and an extremely productive period of collaboration.

The project formally ends at the end of November and ICERMS would like to thank Pawel and his team at IOS-PIB for the initial invite onto the project team and also to the partners whom it was a pleasure working with over the two years.

Lastly ICERMS would like to thank Alasdair Meldrum; John Salter and Peter Goldie for their work on the evaluations of the ECOMENTOR project outputs.


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