Dr. Martin Shepherd

Martin graduated from Birmingham University with a first-class degree and PhD in chemistry and worked for 23 years for the Food Science Laboratory of what was then the UK Ministry of Agriculture. This involved a mixture of research and investigative analytical projects initially on a wide range of contaminants in food arising from moulds, veterinary drug residues, and contact with plastic packaging. During this time he gained experience with implementing and running the ISO 17025 laboratory quality standard. Later work was on human nutrition research, including the association between oxidised fatty acids and heart disease, and the presence in plants of potentially protective alkylresorcinol and flavonoid compounds.

These projects required expertise in a wide range of analytical chemistry techniques including high performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, working with and leading small groups of people. He has published seventy scientific papers and for three years was secretary of the local region of the UK Royal Society of Chemistry.

Martin left the Food Science Laboratory in 1999, following a government decision to amalgamate and relocate its plant and food laboratories into a new centre, CSL. After a year carrying out unpaid bench work to complete EU-funded research into alkylresorcinols, he became a consultant working primarily on editing of scientific papers for non-native English speakers and carrying out evaluations for the European Commission of FP6 and FP7 research proposals. Martin was then invited by my ex-colleagues at CSL to become a Resident Technical Advisor, living in Malta and managing a one-year training project during 2006 at the Public Health Laboratory in Valetta. Following this he managed a team working for ten months in Ankara, Turkey with the newly-created National Food Reference Laboratory. Both these posts included helping the laboratories set up ISO 17025 quality systems.

Then in 2009 Martin was asked to spend two weeks in Albania helping with an environmental assessment of the consequences of an ammunition store at GerdeƧ, near Tirana. For the last five years he has been working for two major EU projects with the Albanian Ministry of Environment, assisting its water analysis laboratory in areas including National ISO 17025 accreditation, and also helping Scott Crossett train Albanian Environment Inspectors.

In 1982, Martin bought his first computer and now has excellent ICT skills. He lives near Norwich in the UK and enjoys gardening and growing his own vegetables and fruit, photography and computer graphics, playing the piano, and attempting to improve at the frustrating but beautiful Asian strategy board game called go, wei-chi, and baduk.