Customised Awards

The SQA’s Customised Awards has allowed ICERMS to develop bespoke qualifications that are tailored to its needs and those of its clients. All ICERMS customized awards are credit levelled to the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework which gives these qualifications a valuable currency just like any other SQA qualification.

This concept of customized awards is ideal if, like ICERMS, you are operating in a highly specialised business, or you’re operating in a unique market where existing qualifications don’t quite meet your requirements.

Candidates undertaking the customized awards receive commemorative certificates bearing both the SQA and ICERMS logo. All our customised awards are Credit Rated on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, formally recognising the level and credit points of the qualification.

Customised Awards can help you to increase skills levels in your workforce. Because they’re competence based, they also allow you to demonstrate that your people are competent and can do everything your customers will ask of them.

They can help formalise procedures, strengthen employee confidence, strengthen relationships between candidates and management, and provide a positive experience and formal recognition.

Our Customised Awards

ICERMS has developed two distinct suites of customized award units

Environmental Protective Services Award

dscf6350These qualifications are assessed ‘on-the-job’ at a suitable facility, or a number of suitable facilities.

The qualifications in Environmental Protection Services are designed for those working in the field of environmental protection services, and covers a range of activities from environmental audits, environmental risk assessments, environmental audits and laboratory analysis. The award has been split into pathways to suit different requirements/job roles.

It can be achieved by undertaking one of the suggested qualification pathways. The suggested pathways are outlined below. Please click on the pathway for more details of the unit structure of the qualification pathway.


  1. Environment Monitoring Laboratory Scientist
  2. Environment Monitoring Officer
  3. Environment Permit Inspection
  4. Environment Protection Officer
  5. Environmental Auditor
  6. Environmental Impact Assessor
  7. Strategic Environmental Assessor
  8. Environmental Permitting Officer
  9. Environmental Manager
  10. Water Sampling Officer
  11. Understanding and Combatting Environmental Crime

Healthcare Waste Management and Treatment Award

ICERMS has developed, in partnership with the National Health Service’s National Performance Advisory Group – Best Value Group on Waste, a suite of vocational qualification units for healthcare waste management professionals. The suite of qualification units has three suggested qualification pathways as listed below.

Please click on a pathway to download the mandatory and optional unit structure of the qualification:

  1. Managing Healthcare Waste at a Healthcare Facility
  2. Managing Healthcare Waste at a Healthcare Waste Treatment Centre
  3. Managing Healthcare Waste Transport Operations