Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)


The SQA and WAMITAB are joint awarding bodies for all waste management Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ’s) which originally formed part of the legislative requirements in terms of the operator competence scheme and the associated Certificates of Technical Competence (COTC).

The SQA the sole awarding body for all awards in the sector which fall out-with this arrangement. The SQA is also the awarding body for the customised awards being developed by ICERMS.

All awards delivered by the Centre, which is registered as an SQA/WAMITAB vocational training centre, are subject to the quality assurance & CPD regime implemented and managed by the SQA.

The Centre can only deliver awards for which it has approval to do so by SQA.


Waste Management Industry Training & Advisory Board (WAMITAB)


WAMITAB is the joint awarding body with the SQA for all SVQ’s falling under the Operator Competence Scheme. The associated COTC’s are awarded by WAMITAB as the waste management industry national training body.

WAMITAB also have a similar arrangement with all UK national qualifications authorities.

WAMITAB award an International Certificate of Competence to all candidates successfully completing the ICERMS customised award in healthcare waste management and treatment.

All vocational training centres involved in the delivery of vocational training awards in the waste management sector, as part of the operator competence scheme, are registered with WAMITAB and subject to the WAMITAB quality assurance and CPD scheme. Assessor and verifiers employed at the centres must be approved by WAMITAB.