Post Conflict Assessment: Waste Management Infrastructure and Practice

Client: UNEP

Dates: Sept. 2002 - Dec. 2002

Solid and liquid waste management expert in multi disciplinary team providing post conflict assessment of 4 cities in Afghanistan: Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar I Sharif and Heart.

Assessment included municipal waste management infrastructure including disposal sites; hazardous waste treatment and disposal; healthcare waste management; recycling and effluent treatment plant assessment.

In addition post conflict assessment of pre identified UNEP environmental hotspots.

Additionally establishing an air quality monitoring programme and sampling sites to facilitate analysis of urban air quality.

Provision of detailed assessment reports form site visits including laboratory analysis of samples, digital photographs, mapping data and recommendations for prioritised further actions by the international donor community

Services Provided

Provision of technical expertise in the fields of solid waste management, liquid waste management and air quality monitoring.

Providing detailed assessment reports on site visits.

Identification of priority areas of concern and remedial actions recommended for the international donor community.