ICERMS continues to develop business opportunities both domestically and internationally in  the environment sector. 

ICERMS has three main business activities within the environment sector incorporating the main activities of its previous corporate identities: 

  1. Development and Delivery of Vocational Educational Training Awards as a nationally accredited vocational training centre 
  1. Provision of Environmental Consulting Services
  2. Contributing to Research & Development Activities through Participation on EU funded programmes for the VET & Environment Sector 

ICERMS is focused on continuing to develop market opportunities in areas where it is felt that it can make a contribution through either direct contracting with clients & beneficiaries or sub-contracting to larger consulting firms. 

One area where ICERMS would like to spend more working time is in the vocational learning sector and opportunities in this sector will continue to be explored by the Centre. 

One of the most significant issues in terms of our global environment is the impact of climate change and this is an area where ICERMs is focusing in the future as there is massive potential for vocational training in this sector. 

This is being addressed by both the European Union and the United Nations and it is vitally important that this issue is addressed; the vocational sector is one key area where this should be presented for consideration. 

ICERMS works with a select team of associates who are trusted professionals with a long history of association with the Centre. The directors of ICERMS and our associates have a wealth of experience in the environment sector both domestically and internationally and we will ensure that this expertise is used to best effect in delivery of our services. 

ICERMS has built up an impressive portfolio in the provision of environmental consulting services; technical assistance; corporate compliance; vocational qualification development and delivery as well as bespoke training programme development and delivery.