International Centre for the Enviroment, Resource Management & Sustainability

Welcome to the website of the International Centre for the Environment, Resource Management & Sustainability Limited (ICERMS) which was established on 13th March 2014.

This new centre, which will be dedicated to the environment sector, was created by the merger of two companies SC Waste Management Limited which had been providing consulting services to the environment sector since 2002 and Trust Waste Management Limited, a national vocational training centre which has been providing vocational educational training in the waste management sector since 2010.

Both of these former companies have been largely operating in an international context and the time was right to merge them and to broaden their activities to encompass other aspects of the environment sector better reflecting the current and future operational areas of both companies.

Waste management was a limiting title and outgrown term in a modern environment industry evidenced by the fact that both entities were working more with environmental protection, climate change and environmental impact assessment than just waste management.

This new centre identity better relates to the core business activities and allows the company to more easily engage with the broader environment agenda.